Ripay.me is a payment solution for the most used messaging platforms like Telegram, Discord, Matrix, Slack, Twitter and Whatsapp. Over a billion people can send money in an instant with just a simple message:

Pay 10 to Caroline

That's how simple it is to send money around the world in seconds

Ripay.me also allows you to send money to any PayID address

Pay 100 to george$ripay.me
Pay 9.95 to alice$xpring.money

How to use it?

Just search for Ripay bot in your favorite messenger app and type
register Caroline to open your account and start receiving money as easy as
pay 100 to Caroline

It's that simple!

In order to send payments you need to have funds in your account. You can receive money from friends already using Ripay.me or you can fund your account from external sources like exchanges or money transmitters

Ripay Actions

Here is a list of things you can do:

register: create account and register user name

 register George
 register JohnDoe
 register Patty123
 register Walmart

Note: only letters and numbers, no special characters or spaces

account: show your public key and qr-code

name: change the name of your account

balance: show the balance in your account

history: show last 10 transactions

test history: show last 10 transactions in Testnet

pay: send money to Ripay users

 pay 100 to George
 pay 250 to Caroline
 pay 5.75 to Walmart
 pay 9.95 to john$xpring.money

test pay: send test money to Ripay users in Testnet

price: check XRP price on the markets

payid: show your PayID information

wallet: manage your PayID accounts

 wallet btc 1BRVdd36igmRALD5n...
 wallet eth ropsten 0x687422e...
 wallet ltc LPChMWRg2AihcY47e...
 wallet eth ropsten delete
 wallet btc delete

Note: Ripple wallets can not be modified

@alice Hello send messages to any Ripay user in any platform

about: Ripay version

help: this information

Add Ripay bot to your messenger app


Search for Ripaybot user and start a direct chat. Type register YourName to open your account and help for more actions


Login to your Discord account, click the following link to Add Ripay to your servers then send a direct message register YourName to open your account and help for more actions

If you want to add the bot to a public server commands should start with @ripay or !ripay for the bot to be activated


Search for @ripay:matrix.org user and start a direct chat, send register YourName to open your account and help for more actions

If direct chat does not work, try creating a private room without encryption then invite @ripay:matrix.org to the room and chat as usual


Click the Add to Slack button to add Ripay to your workspace, send register YourName to open your account and help for more actions

Add to Slack


Work in progress...


Work in progress...

Ripay.me is a work in progress, more apps coming soon!